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  • North East Scotland Agriculture Advisory Group (NESAAG) Presentations

    We hosts NESAAG, a major cross-sectoral forum that lobbies on behalf of the sector as well as providing support and advice both to the agricultural sector and the wider rural...
  • Business Services performance

    Business Services regularly monitor their performance against a set of key performance measures and report progress to the policy committee on a six monthly basis.
  • Infrastructure Services performance

    Infrastructure Services regularly monitor their performance against a set of key performance measures and report to both policy and area committees.
  • Annual Accounts

    Annual accounts are produced to demonstrate proper stewardship of the council's financial affairs. The Statement has been prepared in accordance with the Code of Practice on...
  • Main Town Profiles

    Profiles for 16 towns in Aberdeenshire with statistics about population, housing, school rolls, income and unemployment, industry and business and travel to work.
  • Councillors expense payments

    Payments are made to Councillors in respect of mileage, subsistence claimed, basic allowance, special responsibility allowance and telephone allowance. View the analysis of...
  • Customer feedback - reputation tracker

    The reputation tracker is a monthly summary of statistics and information on council performance, including details of feedback provided by residents on key themes.
  • Education and Children's Services performance

    Education and Children's Services regularly monitor their performance against a set of key performance measures and report by exception to both policy and area committees....
  • National Improvement Framework

    The National Improvement Framework (NIF) plan is a statutory requirement for authorities throughout Scotland. Our NIF Plan details how we will make improvements to the...
  • Westhill and Elrick Gateway Art Project

    Westhill and Elrick Community Council (WECC), through The Gateway Art Project Team are looking to celebrate the evolution of the town over the past 50 years by commissioning an...
  • Health and Social Care Partnership complaints procedures

    We value complaints and use information from them to help us improve our services. View our Social Care complaints procedures.
  • Doors Open Days

    Doors Open Days gives you free access to hundreds of fascinating buildings across Scotland. Every weekend in September you can explore places that are normally closed to the...
  • Planning Performance Framework

    The Planning Performance Framework covers all aspects of the planning service; development management, development plans and environment planning.
  • Flood protection

    Public communication and engagement on flood risk and prevention.
  • Scheme of Governance

    The council follow clear procedures to ensure that all decisions are lawful, accessible and transparent. The Scheme of Governance details who has authority to make decisions and...
  • Developer obligations

    Developer obligations cover both developer contributions and affordable housing. When a development takes place there is a need for infrastructure and services to accompany it....
  • Joint Roads and Planning Liaison

    Liaison on roads construction, transportation and the planning process.
  • Development management

    Development management is the term used for the process of deciding whether to grant or refuse planning permission and other related consents.
  • Environmental Health Liaison

    Liaison on environmental health issues in the development management process.
  • Planning enforcement

    Local planning authorities have responsibility for taking whatever enforcement action may be necessary, in the public interest, in their administrative areas.