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  • Local Scrutiny Plan

    The Local Scrutiny Plan (LSP) is an annual plan that sets out the planned scrutiny activity for the council based on a shared risk assessment undertaken by a local area network...
  • External annual audit reports

    Audit Scotland or an appointed auditor scrutinise the our Statement of Accounts every year. View our external annual audit reports.
  • Annual performance

    Final annual performance report evidencing delivery of the Council Plan 2013/17 (pdf 718KB). You can also view our plan priority themed reports.
  • Westhill Academy consultations

    School consultations on installing zebra crossing on Old Skene Road in Westhill.
  • Employment Land Audit

    The employment land audit is an analysis of employment land supply in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.
  • Scheme of Governance

    The council follow clear procedures to ensure that all decisions are lawful, accessible and transparent. The Scheme of Governance details who has authority to make decisions and...
  • Main Town Profiles

    Profiles for 16 towns in Aberdeenshire with statistics about population, housing, school rolls, income and unemployment, industry and business and travel to work.
  • Community Learning and Development

    The Community Learning and Development service use informal learning to deliver positive change in communities and in the personal lives of those living and working in our...
  • Annual Accounts

    Annual accounts are produced to demonstrate proper stewardship of the council's financial affairs. The Statement has been prepared in accordance with the Code of Practice on...
  • Open Data Strategy

    There are economic, social and environmental benefits of making data accessible and reusable by publishing it as Open Data. We have developed a strategy for opening up our data,...
  • Facts and figures

    We have produced a summary of some of the main facts and figures relating to Aberdeenshire.
  • Charitable Trusts - Annual Accounts

    Annual Accounts for the council Charitable Trusts.
  • Historic Asset Management Project

    The Historic Asset Management Project (HAMP) is run by the Environment Team within the Planning and Building Standards Service and manages the repair and maintenance of over 500...
  • Performance scorecards

    Performance scorecard demonstrate how we meet the core outcomes identified in the Council Plan 2013/17 (pdf 18KB).
  • Councillor photographs

    Set of Councillor photographs. The photographs are made available for use on the condition that the images are not altered except for cropping.
  • Aberdeenshire Integration Joint Board – Annual Accounts

    Annual Accounts and audit reports for the Aberdeenshire Integration Joint Board.
  • North East Scotland Agriculture Advisory Group (NESAAG) Presentations

    We hosts NESAAG, a major cross-sectoral forum that lobbies on behalf of the sector as well as providing support and advice both to the agricultural sector and the wider rural...
  • Business Services performance

    Business Services regularly monitor their performance against a set of key performance measures and report progress to the policy committee on a six monthly basis.
  • Infrastructure Services performance

    Infrastructure Services regularly monitor their performance against a set of key performance measures and report to both policy and area committees.