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  • Infrastructure Services performance

    Infrastructure Services regularly monitor their performance against a set of key performance measures and report to both policy and area committees.
  • Low Emission Vehicle Delivery plan

    Find out more about the Low Emission Vehicle Delivery plan, to support the growth in electric vehicles in Aberdeenshire.
  • Performance scorecards

    Performance scorecard demonstrate how we meet the core outcomes identified in our council plan.
  • Food Growing strategy

    Food Growing strategy introduction.
  • Local Scrutiny Plan

    The Local Scrutiny Plan (LSP) is an annual plan that sets out the planned scrutiny activity for the council based on a shared risk assessment undertaken by a local area network...
  • External annual audit reports

    Audit Scotland or an appointed auditor scrutinise the our Statement of Accounts every year. View our external annual audit reports.
  • Aberdeenshire Strategic Assessment

    The strategic assessment is a high level, long term review and assessment of issues affecting Aberdeenshire and their impact on the area. These issues have been assessed...