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  • Proposed bus service revisions

    A number of under-used, council-supported bus services around Aberdeenshire will be withdrawn or reduced from 15th April 2019 due to budget pressures within the transportation...
  • A947 Route improvement strategy

    The A947 Route improvement strategy, which was developed throughout 2015, is designed to provide a long term plan for improving the A947 between Aberdeen and Banff over the next...
  • School travel planning - lesson plans

    Find out more on the themes of safe, active and sustainable school transport in our education resource pack and lesson plans.
  • Road safety plan

    View our road safety plan 2018 - 2020.
  • Park Smart - safe parking around schools

    Learn more about the 'Park Smart' tools that are provided to schools and community to help safe parking around schools.
  • Council Policies - Transport

    Transport corporate policies You can also view other council policies: Customer Communications and Improvements policies Economic Development policies...
  • Town centres parking surveys

    We are currently responsible for the operation of public car parks in towns and villages across Aberdeenshire, while ‘on-street’ parking enforcement remains the responsibility...
  • Joint Roads and Planning Liaison

    Liaison on roads construction, transportation and the planning process.
  • Banff Bridge Study

    Study conducted in 2015 to examine the economic impact of the current Banff Bridge as a route for trips between Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Inverness.
  • Signing of new housing developments

    Guidance for erecting signage to new housing developments. There are charges for removal of unauthorised signs.